Himachal Pradesh: Rakcham Nomadic Himalayan village (Sangla Valley)

हिमाचल प्रदेश के किन्नौर जिले में बसा एक छोटा सा गाँव रक्षम अपनी सुंदरता के लिए पर्यटकों के बीच काफी लोकप्रिय है।
बसपा नदी के किनारे बसा रक्षम गांव में सालों सर्दी की मौसम होती है। चारों तरफ से बर्फ की पहाड़ों के गोद में बसा रक्षम शहरों के शोर-शराबे से कोसों दूर चैन की अनुभूति देने वाला स्थान है।

Rakcham Nomadic Himalayan village

Rakcham is the second-last village on the India Tibet border

If you want to experience a solitude place with no newspapers, post-office, internet, police station, markets, and wine shop; just a couple of local shops selling very basic food and groceries, you’re going to enjoy every moment of your life here. What you get instead are beautiful fields, snow-capped Himalayas, apple orchards, and lush green trees all around and River Baspa.


Rakcham is a quiet remote village located in Himachal Pradesh approximately 23 km from Chitkul, the second-last village before the Tibet border. Pronounced as “Rakshyam” by the locals, the Rakcham village is blessed with many beautiful gardens, snow-clad mountain ranges, and lush green trees.

The serene snow-capped top of the Kinnaur Kailasha mountains that border the district of Kinnaur also can be witnessed from this little village. The picturesque tiny village is in the charming Baspa Valley by River Baspa. It has a population of 800 -1000 people. Unlike different well-known Himachal towns, you will discover uninterrupted peace and solitude in the town of Rakcham.

Rakcham At A Glance – Baspa Valley, Kinnaur, Himachal

One of the best experiences of the valley is the stunning sunrise.

Given that it is a quiet and solitary place, Rakcham isn’t always a traveler hub. However, a small range of travelers goes to each year to discover its picturesque beauty, the mountain peaks, the adorable atmosphere, and the way of life of Rakcham. The inhabitants here are very warm and friendly and flash a welcoming smile to anyone passing through the narrow lanes.

Rakcham- picture perfect village

Things to do in Rakcham:

  1. Camping, trekking, hiking, thrilling sports like river crossing, nature walks, etc, Rakcham Trek is one of the famous treks in Himachal Pradesh
  2. There are two temples in the Rakcham village, dedicated to Goddess Kali and Lord Shiva.
  3. Buddhist shrine
  4. Travel to Chitkul
Rakcham – Himachal Pradesh Travel Guide –

How to reach Rakcham: 

  1. Rakcham village does not have a Railway Station and an Airport. Reaching Rakcham is easy; it is well-connected to major cities like Shimla and Delhi. If you are planning a trip to Sangla Valley or Kinnaur district, don’t forget to include Rakcham village.
How to reach Rakcham

Best time to visit Rakcham: 

  1. Summertime is the greatest time to go to and discover the lovely hamlet. Summers start in March and go on until June.

Himachal Pradesh: Rakcham Nomadic Himalayan village (Sangla Valley) is a must-visit place – Happy Journey

Rakcham Photos – Rakcham, Sangla Valley Images


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