A tiny little eatery in the Jibhi Valley

Located in the Jibhi Valley– Himachal Pradesh, Mother’s Café by Peppy Nomads is probably seen by more people than any other restaurant in the state. And it wants to provide something for all of them.

Restaurant Review: Mother’s Café by Peppy Nomads

Imagine feasting your eyes on lush green slopes of the Jibhi Valley while biting into a slice of delicately flavored Pizza or Chicken Masala with Nan Bread made in a stone oven.

Restaurant Review: Mother’s Café by Peppy Nomads

It may look like your average neighborhood food joint, but Mother’s Café by Peppy Nomads is anything but! I wandered in with family on a Sunday afternoon and was immediately greeted by the friendly staff and incredible aroma of Chicken Masala, Roti, and pizza. 

Mother’s Café by Peppy Nomads

Yet to have a disappointing dish

What is wonderful about the Mother’s Café by Peppy Nomads location is that it has its own quirks which make it more unique.

Food & Beverage: The foods are fantastic. This place is perfect for groups or a casual date night. It is a place that invites you in with a promise of comfortable seating and beautiful conversations.

Check out the full Menu!

Service: The service was charming, smiling, and decent with an attentive and ever-smiling staff.

For More Information Do Call On: +91 99990 20863

Life doesn’t get much better than this. This place is even more atmospheric in the summer, so start planning now. 


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