La Gruyère is a small romantic medieval town in the Canton of Friborg of Switzerland, known for its ancient castle, the HR Giger Museum and the best Swiss cheese and chocolate.

La Gruyère! The charming small medieval town in Switzerland

The old part of the city was turned into a market square, all along with fascinating buildings and shops that retain their historic facades.

Gruyères! The main street in the swiss town Gruyeres (Switzerland)

Stroll down the street in Gruyères with a nostalgic feeling as it is a journey from the past to the future. At the entrance of the village, that is, at the beginning of the street, you are surrounded by houses dating back to the 15th centuries.


Another landmark of the village of Gruyeres is the 800-year-old Gruyeres Castle (Château de Gruyères).

the 800-year-old Gruyeres Castle (Château de Gruyères).

Inside the 13th-century castle is a museum that covers eight centuries of the region’s architecture, history and culture.

In the second smallest castle in Gruyères, St. Germain, is the HR Giger museum. It was Giger who designed the fantasy characters for the Hollywood film “Alien”. The museum houses the artist’s most important paintings and sculptures from 1960 until today, and there is also an HR Giger bar.

The Tibet Museum offers visitors the opportunity to discover Tibetan Buddhist art in an old restored chapel.

An important part in the picturesque small town is played by the various restaurants serving specialities from the Gruyère region: fondue, raclette and especially desserts made with the excellent double cream of Gruyère.

The best Swiss cheese and chocolate.

Gruyeres, La Gruyere Picture Gallery

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